Our guest speaker this week was Marc Hildebrand, Tivoli’s Fire Chief. Marc reported that Tivoli’s Fire Department now boasts 50 active members and 20 interior fighters, making it the largest department in the northeast region of Dutchess County. He noted that part of the spur to the growth was a fire that took place at Tivoli’s Firehouse over two years ago. That fire nearly destroyed the existing structure, required a temporary structure be placed in the municipal lot, and took a year and a half to repair. It also increased interest in the Fire Company, elicited new volunteers (doubled the size of the company), spurred the Village and the Fire Company to develop a design for a new, improved and expanded firehouse and built enthusiasm for the company. The proposed new structure nearly doubles the size of the building, provides essential improvements, including showers, emergency shelter, community space and needed bay expansion to house some historic fire equipment that is currently stored elsewhere and some new equipment that will enhance the company’s capacity transport firefighters and effectively meet emergencies. The design was developed for the fire company and the Village by Peter Sweeney, a local architect. It not only meets the company’s needs, but also is designed to fit appropriately into the Village’s historic overlay district and within the Historic Landmark District within which the Village is located.