January 2022
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What is Rotary? "Service Above Self"

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Please email us at redhookrotary@gmail.com for the location of this week's meeting! (Note: We are in Red Hook, Dutchess County, New York, not the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City!)
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Website staff: Rev. Fred Cartier, Susan Ezrati, Susan Simon and Hon. Jonah Triebwasser
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Our January meetings will all be on Zoom.
The Red Hook Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation that was established by Red Hook Rotarians to provide financial support of programs and projects in and around the Red Hook community.  The primary focus of the Foundation has been education and youth.  We award scholarships to high school seniors, and support both the Interact Club at Red Hook High School and Rotary’s Youth Exchange Program.  We have also contributed to community programs and projects including the Red Hook and Tivoli Libraries, local food banks and support networks.  We also act internationally with donations Shelter Box and Aquabox.
Our guest speaker this week was Carmela Gersbeck, from the Bard Lifetime Learning Institute. Carmela gave us an overview of this great community asset. There are currently 347 (can be up to 350) members of the LLI, which is an all volunteer organization – Carmela currently serves on several LLI committees, including the newsletter committee (the newsletter is published on the 7th of every month, here’s the link: https://lli.bard.edu/2022-newsletters/ She gave us a tour of the Bard LLI website & previewed the upcoming Spring ’22 Semester which will be via Zoom on Thursdays and on campus on Fridays. The tuition is $175 annually for 6-7 weeks of classes in the spring and fall and 4 weeks in the summer and 4 weeks in the winter – well worth it! Applications to the Bard LLI are available in June and can be completed on the website – should applications exceed the open seats, there is a lottery system. Carmela also let us know, if there is a skill that you can share, come on down!! Volunteers welcome… https://lli.bard.edu/
The Red Hook Rotary Club and Red Hook Rotary Foundation are pleased to announce that three scholarships of $1,000 each will be awarded to students planning to attend an accredited college, university or vocational school.
Each applicant must be a graduating senior and a legal resident of the Red Hook Central School District, Pine Plains School District or Germantown Central School District. Scholarships may be awarded to a student attending a four year college or an accredited vocational or community college program.
Application forms may be obtained from the Guidance Office at your high school or by clicking on this link: https://clubrunner.blob.core.windows.net/00000002251/en-us/files/homepage/2022-scholarship-application/2022-RH-Rotary-Scholarship-application.pdf. Completed applications MUST be mailed to RED HOOK ROTARY CLUB, Post Office Box 88, Red Hook, NY 12571. ATTN: LINDA GREENBLATT, by FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2022.  For more information, please contact Linda Greenblatt at (845) 758-8361 or lindag32949@gmail.com. 
Rotary International is a volunteer organization of business and professional leaders who provide humanitarian service and help to build goodwill and peace in the world. Rotary International’s focus areas include polio eradication, peace, humanitarian projects, literacy, and water management. Learn more at www.rotary.org. Learn more about the Red Hook Rotary Club at www.redhookrotary.org.  This year the Club’s activities have included supporting the Red Hook Harvest High School Food Backpack program, the Red Hook Rec Park/Library wifi access, the Red Hook Responds program, purchase of toiletries for distribution through local food pantries via Clynk donations, a coat drive, food pantry assistance, and Rotary’s million mask challenge.
The Red Hook Rotary Club also sponsors the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, both the traditional school-year exchange and a newer short term summer program.  Find out about participating in exchange and hosting a student at Rotary District 7210 under Youth programs or at 7210yex.org.  Red Hook Rotary sponsors the Rotary Youth Leadership (RYLA), a 5 day conference for sophomores; contact the Red Hook High School guidance counselor for applications.
Rotary International President-elect Jennifer Jones has chosen the theme for the Rotary year of 2022 - 2023. Here is her introduction of the theme:
"Imagine a world that deserves our best, where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference. You don’t imagine yesterday. You imagine tomorrow. Imagine a world without polio. Imagine a world with clean water for everyone. Imagine a world free of disease. A world where every child learns to read. Imagine kindness and hope and love and peace. And that, my dear friends, is why our theme is Imagine Rotary."
This weekend on RadioRotary:
Helping those with Autism
Tune in to the award-winning RadioRotary on Sunday, January 30th at 6:30 a.m. (on WBPM 92.9FM and 96.5 FM, 1260AM and 1420AM or http:// www.wbpmfm.com/) and at 7:00 a.m. (on WGHQ 920AM and Magic 92.5FM, or http://www.realcountryhv.com/) when co-hosts Sarah O'Connell-Claitor and Jonah Triebwasser will be talking with Samara Enders of Greystone Programs about their great work supporting children, adults and families living with autism and other developmental disabilities.
Listen to Radio Rotary on WBPM 92.9 FM Sundays at 6:25 a.m. or http://www.wbpmfm.com/ or ask Alexa to "Play WBPM." And on Magic 92 WGHQ-AM 920 AM and 92.5FM Sundays at 7:00 a.m. or www.wghq.fm
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The award-winning RadioRotary can be heard on Sundays at 6:30 a.m. on WBPM 92.9 FM and 96.5 FM Sundays or http://www.wbpmfm.com/ or ask Alexa to "Play WBPM" or http://www.wbpmfm.com/and on Magis 92.5 WGHQ-AM 920 AM and 92.5FM Sundays at 7:00 a.m. or https://www.wghq.fm/ or ask Alexa to "Play "WGHQ."

Listen to all RadioRotary previous programs at www.radiorotary.org or on your MP3 player on any of these new podcast platforms:

ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/radiorotary/id1412396239?mt=2

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5OxiufAMMo49dh5bvorVG9


Red Hook Rotarians and our High School  Interact club lent a helping hand at the recent food pantry at the Red Hook United Methodist Church. Present were Red Hook Rotary club President Jennifer Van Voorhis, Bud Weaver, Christine Chale, Esq.,  Judge Jonah Triebwasser and Linda Greenblatt. Shown with Mrs. Greenblatt are Interact members Laura and Sarah. (photo by Jonah Triebwasser)
Our guest speakers today were Mayor Karen Smythe and Deputy Mayor Brent Kolvalchik who spoke to us about the village's new sewer system.
Our guest this week was Frank Pepe, Town of Stanford Councilman. Frank retired as Superintendent of Schools of the Arlington School District in 2010. Frank gave us an update on the Stanford Community Day which took place on September 18th, showing the great tee shirt (Stanford, A Caring Community) created for their inclusive initiative. Frank is the Stanford liaison for the Dutchess County Human Rights Commission and spoke about their goals and achievements, enhancing the quality of life in our collective “neighborhood.” He could hear in our Four-Way Test the similarities between what Rotary and the Dutchess County Human Rights Commission stand for. (In photo is speaker host Rev. Michael Shafer and Frank Pepe. Photo by Rev. Fred Cartier.)
Red Hook Rotary members enjoyed meeting and greeting the public at Hardscrabble Day. We shared with our visitors information about the service projects of our club, including Shelterbox, Aquabox, Youth Exchange and the weekly RadioRotary program.
Shown left to right are: Linda Greenblatt, Tim Lynch, Becca Kent and Jonah Triebwasser.
Here's another photo of today's event. Left to right are Rotarians David Wright, Susan Simon, Susan Ezrati, Club President Jennifer Van Voorhis and Jonah Triebwasser.
Joining us at other times of the day were Rotarians Fred Cartier and Christine Chale.

Our guest speaker this week was Emily Sachar, Publisher and Editor of “The Red Hook Daily Catch.” She first informed us that her Grandfather was a Rotarian!  Emily spoke of her background prior to establishing the Red Hook Daily Catch and the goal for her publication – to be a legitimate and high quality newspaper. She is striving to get at least one “Fresh Story” published daily in the newsletter format. When The Red Hook Daily Catch first started there were a little more than 100 readers – as of 9/21 there are over 1,380 subscribers. Red Hook is no longer a “news desert.” We then had a discussion about how the paper has developed and what we would like to see developed in the future. The Red Hook Daily Catch will always be a non-partisan newspaper and Emily is actively training her staff (including two young journalists in training) how to edit the words or handle details that can be interpreted as partisan.

Here’s the e-address for The Red Hook Daily Catch: https://www.thedailycatch.org/ Check it out!

Backpacks Packed!!
Red Hook Rotary and other local organizations are providing school supplies to students in the Red Hook Community so that they can start their school year with the necessary tools for success. Generous organizations donating time and money are: Red Hook Rotary Club, Hudson Valley Foundation for Youth Health, Delta Kappa Gamma Alpha Zeta (Dutchess County Chapter) and Red Hook United Methodist Church Food Pantry. #ServiceAboveSelf #District7210 #SchoolSupplies #RotaryinAction Shown packing the backpacks are (seated)  Rotarians Rev Fred Cartier, Club President Jennifer Van Voorhis, Linda Greenblatt, Susan Simon, (standing) Susan Ezrati, Tim Lynch and Jonah Triebwasser.
We were delighted to welcome Village of Red Hook Mayor Karen Smythe as our guest speaker this week, who gave us a detailed update on what has been accomplished during the first 4 months of her term as mayor, including:
Sewer project contracts signed, waiting for official approval letter to begin construction in the village business district
Zoning review, renaming the Highway Business District to the “Gateway District”
Municipal water system: Phase 1 & 2 completed, mapping out plan for north side of 199
Hardscrabble Day review, changes to promote social distancing, four local bands in the evening
Starting October 4th, there will be a monthly Village newsletter
We also welcomed a new member, attorney Ariadne Montare, who was sponsored by President Jen Van Voorhis and inducted by Judge Jonah Triebwasser. Congratulations Ariadne!
(Photos by Rev. Fred Cartier)
Red Hook Rotarians had a delightful time at our annual picnic tonight at the Red Hook Rec Park. Grill masters Rev. Fred Cartier and Rob Latimer kept everyone fed. We welcomed our 2007 - 2008 exchange student from Germany, Lena Marie and her husband Lars. We also congratulated Rob Latimer on his senior athletics award. More details with each individual photo.
May be an image of 2 people, including Rob Latimer and outdoors
Grill masters Rev. Fred Cartier and Rob Latimer hard at work.
Carl Dowden and Bud Weaver enjoying the dinner.
May be an image of 4 people, people sitting and outdoorsJoanna and Rev. Mike Shafer with Susan Ezrati and Jay Greenblatt.
May be an image of 4 people, including Lena Marie and Ellen Triebwasser, people sitting and outdoors
Beverly Van Voorhis, Lars Mescheder, Lena Marie, and Ellen Triebwasser.
May be an image of 1 person and outdoors
Dave Wright and Tim Lynch.
May be an image of 3 people, including Ellen Triebwasser
We were trippily blessed to have Rev. Fred Cartier, Rabbi Ellen Triebwasser and Rev. Michael Shafter present to assure beautiful weather!
May be an image of 2 people, people standing and outdoors
Club President Jen Van Voorhis and her mom, Beverly.
May be an image of 4 people, including Lena Marie, Red Hook Rotary and Ellen Triebwasser, people standing and outdoors
Lars Mescheder, Lena Marie, Jonah and Ellen Triebwasser
May be an image of 3 people, people sitting, tree and outdoors
Becca Kent, Chris Chale and Susan Simon.
May be an image of 2 people, including Rob Latimer and people standing
Rob and his athletic award.
Save these dates for future RI Conventions!
June 4 to 8, 2022 - Houston, Texas
May 27 to 31, 2023 Melbourne, Australia
2024 Singapore (Dates to be determined)
JUNE 21-25, 2025 Calgary, Canada
June 5 to 9, 2027 - Honolulu, Hawaii
Honoka and Azita, Teen Queens of the Hawaiian ukuleles!
May be an image of 4 people
Red Hook Rotary shared the Rotary Dutchess County Fair booth Sunday with the RadioRotary team. Shown are Red Hook Rotary President Jennifer Van Voorhis, RadioRotary co-host and Red Hook Rotarian Jonah Triebwasser, Red Hook Rotriran Tim Lynch and RadioRotary Producer Kathy Kruger.
We had a lovely time at our in-person Rotary meeting this morning at Taste Budd's! (photo by Rev. Fred Cartier)
The Red Hook Rotary club started our Clink!/bottle return project at the beginning of 2019 and have been able to help our local food pantries and their clients ever since.
To date we have collected over $3,200 in nickel deposits from containers being recycled through Clynk at Hannaford.
Red Hook Rotary club held its first in-person meeting in over a year at a picnic held at the Elmendorph. Our new officers were installed by the Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, Red Hook Town and Village Justice. Show left to right are: Vice-President Rob Latimer, Secretary Susan Simon, President Jen Van Voorhis and Treasurer Susan Ezrati.
Red Hook Rotary club is pleased to announce that Carl Dowden has been named our Rotarian of the Year. Carl was honored for his more than three decades of service to Rotary, especially as one of the advisors of Red Hook High School's Interact Club, the Rotary youth service organization. Congratulations Carl!
Red Hook Rotary Club is pleased to announce that Rotarian Tim Lynch is our newest Paul Harris Fellow. Named for the founder of Rotary, the Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation. Shown in the photo are Foundation Chair Bud Weaver and Tim Lynch. (Photos by Rev. Fred Cartier)
Red Hook Rotary's own Jonah Triebwasser finished Rotary International's Virtual 5K walk to end polio. He beat his age in minutes which is always his goal!
Red Hook Rotary continues to distribute masks as part of Rotary's Million Mask Challenge.  Here Rotarian Linda Greenblatt donates masks to the Red Hook Central Schools. The masks were accepted, with thanks, by School Superintendent Janet Warden.
Our guests this week were candidates for the Red Hood CSD Board of Education and included: Jackie Berry, Kate Kortbus, Jennifer Mañón, Ariadne Montare and Laura Y. Roberts.

All candidates had been invited to attend. Each candidate spoke for 15 minutes and then asked for questions from the Rotarians. All candidates have children in the Red Hook schools, two work in the schools as teachers or coaches, all are active in the community. Common themes among the candidates included, learning from the challenges presented by the remote learning required by the pandemic, the challenges and benefits of a diverse student body, the equity imperative, the unique opportunity/challenge of federal non-recurring funding, and the need to improve digital equity. Everyone be sure to vote on May 18, 2021.

Red Hook Rotary continued distribution of face masks as part of Rotary's Million Mask Challenge. Show here is Rotarian Linda Greenblatt Veteran Robert Rubin. This donation of masks for veterans was facilitated through the Private Herman Siegel Post 625, Poughkeepsie, Jewish War Veterans of the United States. It is the only JWV post between NYC and Albany. These masks went to Castle Point and Montrose Veteran Food Pantries.
Red Hook Rotary participated in clean up day this past weekend. Lots of trash was removed from the roads thanks to eager volunteers. Here we see club President Jennifer Van Voorhis and club Secretary Susan Simon discussing who picked up the most.
Red Hook Rotary again lent a hand to the United Methodist Church's food pantry. Shown here are (left to right): Harry and Janice Williams, Phyllis Thomas and Red Hook Rotary President Jen Van Voorhis.

Red Hook Rotary supplied surgical masks to the Milan Fire Department. Rotary President Jen Van Voorhis presents the masks to Al Sardaro Rescue Squad Captain.

Red Hook Rotary was again delighted to donate much needed surgical masks to the Red Hook Fire Department. Shown above is Chief Steven Fell accepting the masks.
Our guest this week was Red Hook resident and Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro.
Marc focused his remarks on the 14-months that Dutchess County has led the local effort against the coronavirus. He noted that across the nation, counties have responsibility for the logistical support for public health initiatives and that they carry the financial support for these efforts. Dutchess County entered the crisis in a strong fiscal position, but they anticipated $32,000 loss of revenues due to lower employment, including furloughed workers. In actuality, the county recovered earlier and stronger than anticipated because the local economy bounced back in the fourth quarter of 2020 as home improvement business generated sales tax growth. In addition, the stay-at-home phenomenon resulted in a shift in consumer spending to the county. And a high level of real estate transactions raised mortgage tax revenues for towns and municipalities in the county. As a result of these developments, the county is stronger fiscally than anticipated and is strategically refilling some county jobs. Federal support is needed, that support comes from FEMA. It is anticipated that Dutchess County will receive substantial Federal support over the next two years to cover revenue loss and COVID related spending. During the discussion following Marc’s remarks, the County Executive noted that individual municipalities can reject marijuana sales. That decision, however, has sales tax implications that they should consider. We thanked Marc for updating us on the county and for joining us for the meeting.
Our guest speaker this week was Marc Hildebrand, Tivoli’s Fire Chief. Marc reported that Tivoli’s Fire Department now boasts 50 active members and 20 interior fighters, making it the largest department in the northeast region of Dutchess County. He noted that part of the spur to the growth was a fire that took place at Tivoli’s Firehouse over two years ago. That fire nearly destroyed the existing structure, required a temporary structure be placed in the municipal lot, and took a year and a half to repair. It also increased interest in the Fire Company, elicited new volunteers (doubled the size of the company), spurred the Village and the Fire Company to develop a design for a new, improved and expanded firehouse and built enthusiasm for the company. The proposed new structure nearly doubles the size of the building, provides essential improvements, including showers, emergency shelter, community space and needed bay expansion to house some historic fire equipment that is currently stored elsewhere and some new equipment that will enhance the company’s capacity transport firefighters and effectively meet emergencies. The design was developed for the fire company and the Village by Peter Sweeney, a local architect. It not only meets the company’s needs, but also is designed to fit appropriately into the Village’s historic overlay district and within the Historic Landmark District within which the Village is located. 
Members of the Red Hook Rotary Club assisted Red Hook Responds over the weekend with collecting food for local food pantries. Our team consisted of President Jen VanVoohis, Dave Wright, Chris Chale and Jonah Triebwasser.
66 years of Red Hook Rotary!
Marking the 49th week of “stay at home” meetings required by the coronavirus outbreak, Jennifer Van Voorhis called the Zoom meeting to order at 8 am Fourteen club members attended along with our District Governor Tony Marmo, our assistant district governor, Maureen Gates, our frequent guest/member, Gwen McCann, and the much esteemed, Dan Budd, founder of Red Hook Responds. The meeting marked the 66th anniversary of our club and featured a review of decades of club activities and initiatives. Jen led the meeting off with introductions of all our guests and with some unique versions of our ritual meeting openings. We spoke the pledge of allegiance, and then witnessed a beautiful video of a Tanzanian club’s sung version of the 4-way test. Rev. Michael Shafer offered a blessing to start the meeting.
Jen, then, orchestrated a series of member testimonials on activities that marked their experience with Rotary. Susan Simon led off with the story of her first experience of a Rotary district leadership meeting at which she was a disc jockey and dance teacher for a group swing dance. Jonah provided a photo retrospective of club activities since 1955 (which can be seen on our club website), including youth exchange students (Chris Chale) and interact club students (led by Carl Dowden and Linda Greenblatt), Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (founded by Bud Weaver’s dad when he was District Governor and financially supported by the club every year), Apple Blossom Day (organized annually by Dave Wright and Linda Greenblatt), Tree Planting and Aqua Box distributions (maintained by Tim Lynch), Clynk and Food Pantry support (initiated by Jen Van Voorhis) which has contributed $2500 worth of personal hygiene products distributed through the Community Center and food pantries of Red Hook, Radio Rotary which features service above self on local radio stations (Jonah Triebwasser), support of the Library literacy project through purchase of books, Baxter’s Bash, our annual picnic, Youth Wrestling and more. 
Our district governor, Tony Marmo, provided the history of our club, detailing the many changes in our chartered name and number. He noted that we started in 1955, the 50th anniversary of the national and global organization, with 25 members including John Martin, one of the many Martin’s, still living in Red Hook. The club was started by Herbert J Taylor. He talked about the importance of community based activities in keeping club’s relevant and healthy. The Rotary International Convention will be virtual again this year as will the Highland Club’s Ribfest.
President-elect Shekhar Mehta encourages members to be changemakers and announces his theme for the 2021-2022 Rotary year, Serve to Change Lives. Learn more: http://on.rotary.org/3j6bVuc
Red Hook Rotary and Rotary District 7210 are participating in Rotary's Million Mask Challenge. This program, funded with the support of the Rossi Family Foundation, is providing approximately 2 million masks to communities throughout the US Northeast, including the over 175,000 masks that were delivered to the many Hudson Valley Rotary Clubs for their communities. #MillionMaskChallenge #RotaryPeopleofAction
Red Hook Rotary donated masks to the Red Hook Fire Department, Tivoli Fire Department, Red Hook Police Department and local food banks.
Shown here with members of the Tivoli Fire Department and Chief Marc Hidenbrand are Rotary President Jennifer Van Voorhis, Rotary Secretary Susan Ezrati and Tivoli Mayor Joel Griffin.
Red Hook Rotary and Rotary District 7210 are participating in Rotary's Million Mask Challenge. This program, funded with the support of the Rossi Family Foundation, is providing approximately two million masks to communities throughout the US Northeast, including the over 175,000 masks that were delivered to the many Hudson Valley Rotary Clubs for their communities. #MillionMaskChallenge #RotaryPeopleofAction
Red Hook Rotary is donating masks to the Red Hook Fire Department, Tivoli Fire Department, Red Hook Police Department and local food banks.
Shown here at the Deacon's Pantry at St. John's Reformed Church in Upper Red Hook is Red Hook President Jennifer VanVoorhis with Marian Wood and Jane Bier.
Red Hook Rotary and Rotary District 7210 are participating in Rotary's Million Mask Challenge. This program, funded with the support of the Rossi Family Foundation, is providing approximately 2 million masks to communities throughout the US Northeast, including the over 175,000 masks that were delivered to the many Hudson Valley Rotary Clubs for their communities. #MillionMaskChallenge #RotaryPeopleofAction
Red Hook Rotary will be donating masks to the Red Hook Fire Department, Tivoli Fire Department, Red Hook Police Department and local food banks.
Shown here at local food pantries is Red Hook President Jennifer VanVoorhis with Sandy Sundheimer, Janice Williams and Phyllis Thomas-Moore at the Red Hook United Methodist Church and then with Lynn Jutton at St. Christopher's Church.
Red Hook Rotary and Rotary District 7210 are participating in Rotary's Million Mask Challenge. This program, funded with the support of the Rossi Family Foundation, is providing approximately 2 million masks to communities throughout the US Northeast, including the over 175,000 masks that were delivered to the many Hudson Valley Rotary Clubs for their communities. #MillionMaskChallenge #RotaryPeopleofAction
Red Hook Rotary will be donating masks to the Red Hook Fire Department, Tivoli Fire Department, Red Hook Police Department and local food banks.
Shown here is Red Hook Rotarian Judge Jonah Triebwasser presenting a supply of masks to Sgt. Patrick Hildenbrand of the Red Hook Police Department.
Our guest speaker today was Janet Warden, the new Superintendent of the Red Hook Central Schools. Ms. Warden spoke about remote schooling in the time of pandemic.
Members of the Red Hook Rotary Club distributed bags of food, blankets and Christmas toys at the United Methodist Church on Church Street this past weekend to over 60 families in need. Thanks to Rotary club President Jen Van Voohis for organizing the team which included Chris Chale, Esq., Susan Ezrati, Linda Greenblatt, Tim and Nancy Lynch,  Hon. Jonah Triebwasser and Dave Wright.
There is now free wifi at the Red Hook Rec Park, thanks to a joint venture among Red Hook Rotary,  the Red Hook Library and the Town of Red Hook. Students who are learning remotely and who may not have internet at home will now be able to sign on at the park.
Celebrating the start of the new service are Red Hook Rotary President Jennifer VanVoohis, Librarian Amy Smith and Town Recreation Director John Kuhn.
Our guest speaker at this week's Zoom club meeting was Dan Budd of Taste Budd's. Dan spoke about the great work of Red Hook Responds to help our community during the time of pandemic. Dan also stressed the importance of supporting your local merchants.
Members of the Red Hook Rotary Club helped at the Red Hook United Methodist Church to pack bags of Thanksgiving food for those in need. Club President Jen Van Voorhis led the team consisting of Christine Chale, Becca Kent, Susan Simon, Jonah Triebwasser and Bud Weaver.
(Update! We distributed 65 sets of dinner fixing assuring a happier Thanksgiving for 65 families! Thank you Tim Lynch and Jay Greenblatt for joining the crew!)
Red Hook Rotary Coat Drive an Outstanding Success!

We collected 120 gently used coats!! We gave away half of the coats today at the United Methodist Church Food Pantry.  We then proceeded to roughly divide the remainder in three groups:  warm/wool jackets to Cara Mia/Hope on a Mission and the homeless in Poughkeepsie;  Community Action in Red Hook which distributes throughout Dutchess County to those in need; and the remaining coats/hangers to the Red Hook Community Center which has a free closet for those in need. 
Another example of how our members exemplify “Service Above Self!”  
Our guest speaker this week was Amelia LeGare, from The O=ZONE on Pitcher Lane across from the Greig Farm. Amelia opened O-ZONE on March 1, 2020. She told us that the dual themes of recycling and sustainability inspired her to open the center, which is located just east of Grandiflora on Pitcher Lane. The center includes a zero-waste sustainability center, bulk refill stations (which promote a reduction in packaging by asking customers to bring in their own containers and buy grains, flour and other items from bulk containers) locally produced soap and shampoo bars and other products. They promote composting, sponsor a learning center and have a number of upcoming events at any time and offer c-Pap machine parts replacements. Their hours are Wednesday to Friday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p/m., and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (photos by Rev. Fred Cartier)
Photo screen shot taken by photographer and Rotarian, Rev. Fred Cartier. Attendees by row from top left to bottom right are: Jennifer Van Voorhis, Rev. Fred Cartier, Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, Susan Ezrati, Tim Lynch, P.E. Dennis (our new representative from TrustCo Bank), Linda Greenblatt, Dave Wright, our guest speaker, Scott Oatkin with the Borgen Project, Rev. Michael Shafer, Carl Dowden, Chris Chale, Esq., Susan Simon, Rebecca Kent and Rob Latimer
Jonah introduced Scott Oatkin of the Borgen project, and Scott related that he has known about Rotary since his Interact experience in Rhinebeck as a high school student. That club sent the Interact club on a mission to Nicaragua that captured his imagination and set the direction for his life. He told us that the Borgen Project, recently featured on Radio Rotary, is focused on global poverty. It was started by Cliff Borgen in 2003. It now has 3000 members, each reaches out to alleviate poverty in the world. Scott told us that there are 730 million people in extreme poverty and over 800 million additional people experiencing food insecurity. The project uses community education to find ways to alleviate these tragedies. He urged us to go to the website: www. BorgenProject to learn about what they are doing. Jen thanked Scott for his work and told him about the efforts that are being undertaken in Red Hook to feed 200 families weekly.
Photo screen shot taken by photographer and Rotarian, Rev. Fred Cartier. Attendees by row from top left to bottom right are: Jennifer Van Voorhis, Rev. Fred Cartier, Bud Weaver, Susan Ezrati, Rob Latimer, DG Tony Marmo, ADG Maureen Gates, Michael Shafer, Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, Michael Shafer, Linda Greenblatt, Greg Bolner, Tim Lynch, P.E., Carl Dowden, Rebecca Kent and Susan Simon. Chris Chale, Esq., was missed in the photo but also attended the meeting.
Our guest speaker was District Governor Tony Marmo. Tony thanked the Red Hook club for our good work. He noted that we are a high functioning club – with an active Facebook page, a webpage and regularly posted newsletter of our club meetings. He asked each member to participate in recruitment of new members. He noted that recruitment is failing with most clubs. The average age range in clubs has increased while membership numbers have declined by 20%. Recruitment tends to draw people in through service to others and club projects. There are many club models – breakfast clubs, lunch clubs, happy hour clubs, once-a-month clubs, even passport clubs—which draw members in for specific projects. Tony noted that it is important to bring in younger members in order to promote club longevity. Clubs need gender balance as well. He urged us to use Rotary’s positive public image and our fundraising activities to bring in new members.

Marking the 22nd week of “stay at home” meetings required by the coronavirus outbreak, Jen Van Voorhis opened the “zoom” meeting at 8am. Thirteen Rotarians and three guests from the Red Hook Library – Amy Smith. Dawn Jardine and Maryelise Blundell attended the meeting. Jen Van Voorhis presided, leading off the meeting with the pledge and the Rotary 4-way test.

page1image3672304 page1image1692672

Photo screen shot taken by photographer and Rotarian, Fred Cartier. Attendees by row from top left to bottom right are: Bud Weaver, Fred Cartier, Amy Smith (speaker), Tim Lynch, Dawn Jardine (RH Library), Susan Simon, Dave Wright, Carl Dowden, Jen Van Voorhis, Rob Latimer, Maryelisa Blundell (RH Library), Jonah Triebwasser, Rebecca Kent, Chris Chale, and Linda Greenblatt. Susan Ezrati missed the photo, but was there.

Our speaker was Amy Smith who outlined the Library’s effort to create public internet access at the Red Hook Rec Park. In summary, she told us that the Library has negotiated a project to build the hardware and connections for broadband access to the internet at the Rec Park.

Marking the 12th week of “stay at home” meetings required by the coronavirus outbreak, Jen Van Voorhis opened the “zoom” meeting at 8am. Eleven members and three guests were present. Our guests were Tony Marno, District Governor, Duda Sarapiao, our 2019- 20, our youth exchange student from Brazil, and Elisabeth Harmor our guest speaker. Duda celebrates her 17th birthday today and we gave her a rousing round of “Happy Birthday.”
Our District Governor shared how the district is managing in these unusual circumstances. Tony congratulated us on completing our grant application – to support the backpack program and other elements of food security in our community. He said now is a crucial time to support the Rotary International Foundation, which supports the district grants. The district’s focus this year is to grow Rotary’s membership. Tony’s hope is to draw in more younger people. He also spoke about the Highland Club’s annual ribfest. We will hear more as the idea develops, but the Highland Club will be supporting restaurants by selling gift certificates to restaurants as the area begins to open for business post-pandemic. And, Jonah reminded us that we can all participate in this year’s Rotary International convention free via a link that he has provided. Susan Simon introduced our guest speaker, Elisabeth Harmor. Elizabeth has been working with Historic Red Hook, the Red Hook Community Center and the Red Hook Public Library to develop a “virtual” festival in Red Hook this fall. Her powerpoint presentation about this Festival is attached and does a great job of explaining the plans that already are being developed. The club will be identifying ways to participate over the next few weeks. Jonah will interview Elisabeth for Radio Rotary soon.
Fred Cartier, photographer, provided the complete group in a single screen shot of the meeting. We are, from top left to bottom right: Jen Van Voorhis, Fred, Tony Marno, Susan Ezrati, Jonah Triebwasser, Tim Lynch, Susan Simon, Elisabeth Harmor, Duda Serapiao, Rob Latimer, Michael Shafer, Chris Chale, Bud Weaver and Rebecca Kent.
Our guests this week were Paul Finch, Superintendent of Red Hook Central Schools and Bruce Martin, Chief Financial Officer.
Paul Finch started by noting that in 2019, Dutchess County recognized the Red Hook Schools for the highest graduation rate (97%) in the county.  He also noted that a new guidance counselor was added in the Elementary school program and a new smart device policy (designed to reduce cell phone use on campus) was initiated.
The budget for the coming year was developed from November to March (pre-pandemic) and anticipated a small increase in State Aid. It also anticipated two capital projects – a new roof and windows at Mill Rd school and new windows and vents at the high school. This was in addition to the building of the auditorium at the high school. The 2021 budget reflects a shift to limit costs using the April State Aid estimate. Paul and Bruce believe that cuts to that aid will come, Efforts are being undertaken to anticipate state aid cuts and a possible no vote on the budget. Staffing cuts are being considered – where opportunities present themselves, as low kindergarten enrollment may enable a cut of one class of first graders, and the retirement of one German teacher and fewer enrollees may enable a smaller German language section. As of May 15, the state has given no guidance about cuts in aid. The governor is waiting for a response from the Federal government. The proposed budget is 2.12% higher than the previous year; the tax levy is up 2.97%, and still tax cap compliant
The high school graduation ceremony will take place on June 30 at the Hyde Park drivein theater across from the FDR House and Library. There will be 160 graduates, but the theater only allows 200 cars. The cars will be decorated and horn honking will be encouraged.
Rev. Fred Cartier, photographer, provided the complete group in a single screen shot of the meeting. We are, from top left to bottom right: Jen Van Voorhis, Rev. Fred, Bud Weaver, Tim Lynch, Linda Greenblatt, Susan Simon, Bruce Martin, Susan Ezrati, Carl Dowden, Paul Finch, Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, Chris Chale, Rev. Michael Shafer. Rebecca Kent, and Rob Latimer
Our guest speaker this week was our exchange student from Brazil, Duda. She gave a wonderful presentation on her country including a regional survey of Brazil’s five major regions – the North Amazon basin (home of 20% of the world’s biodiversity), the North East, Central West (Brasilia), the Southeast (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Graza) and the South (Iquazu Falls). Duda detailed her favorite Brazilian foods, including black beans, fried bread and churrasco (BBQ), as well as sharing her favorite sport (soccer) and her favorite festival, Carnival. Lots of questions followed.
Photo taken by Rev. Fred Cartier at the Feb 25th meeting: Our Brazilian exchange student Duda smiles from the center of the photo and is flanked by Youth Exchange Officers David Wright and Christine Chale, Esq.
Rotary theme for 2020 - 2021 is "Rotary Opens Opportunities."
It is with deep and genuine regret that the Red Hook Rotary Club notes the passing of our past-president Niki Weaver. Niki was the epitome of service above self. She started our therapy dog program, was instrumental in reviving Apple Blossom Day and was a leading light in our club foundation.
Nickelin Weaver, age 74, of Johnstown, passed away on Monday, February 10, 2020 at Ellis Hospital, Schenectady. 

She was born on December 5, 1945 in Poughkeepsie, a daughter of the late Nicholas Saltis and Mary Jane Robertson Saltis. 

Nickelin was a graduate of Rhinebeck Central High School and received two Bachelor’s Degrees. She worked as an Administrative Assistant at the Anderson School in Staatsburg and also at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck. She was of the Episcopalian faith, a member of the Christ Church in Red Hook and a member of the Eastern Star. Nickelin was also a long term member of the Red Hook Rotary Club. 

She is survived by her husband over 54 years Terry H. Weaver; two sons Terry H. Weaver, II (Indigo) of Accord and Todd J. Weaver of Rhinebeck, one sister Sandra S. Lisa of Johnstown, several grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, nephews and cousins. 

In addition to her parents, Nickelin was predeceased by one brother John Saltis. 

Memorial services will be conducted at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 15, 2020 at the A.G. Cole Funeral Home, Inc., 215 E. Main Street, Johnstown with Father Fred Cartier officiating. 

Condolences to the family may be made online by visiting our website at www.agcolefuneralhome.com

Speaker host, President-elect Jennifer Van Voorhis, welcomed Raymond Iaia, Esq.,  of McCabe and Colman.  Raymond is a litigator for the firm, specializing is personal injury cases.  He was a compelling speaker and led off his talk by telling us the details of the suit against McDonalds by a Canadian woman scalded by their coffee.  The example illustrated that we often don’t know all of the details of high-profile cases.  He was correct!  Mr. Iaia is happy to be a Red Hook resident.  His wife owns Half Moon books in Tivoli. (photo by Rev. Fred Cartier)

Our guests speaker was Rotarian Christina Boryk, president of the Poughkeepsie South Rotary club. She is the executive director of “Rebuilding Together,” which is part of a national network of over 130 affiliates who work to restore and revitalize homes and neighborhoods across the country. These organizations, supported by federal and local grants, community support dollars and donated volunteer labor and supplies, undertake large-scale and small repairs on houses in their communities.
Shown in the photograph are: Speaker host Judge Jonah Triebwasser, Christina Boryk and club president Rob Latimer.
(photo by David Wright)

Clink! Recycling Report:

2019 was a HUGE success for our Clink recycling program because of our Red Hook community and their generosity along with Bard College, The Elmendorf, Red Hook Library, Red Hook Village Pizza, Classic Cleaners and Bottini employees. In 2019 Red Hook Rotary was able to give out $1505.00 worth of personal care hygiene products to our local food pantries.

100% of funds collected from returnable bottles (glass and plastic) and cans which are bagged in Hannaford Clynk Bags and tagged with a Red Hook Rotary Account Sticker are dropped in the Clynk drop off at Hannaford, is used to purchase Shampoo, Toothpaste, Soap etc.

We appreciate all you do to and have set the 2020 goals to $2,000.

Red Hook Rotarian Susan Simon has been recognized for her second Paul Harris Fellow contribution.  The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation. The Paul Harris Fellowship is named for the founder of Rotary. 

In 1896, Harris settled in Chicago and opened a law practice. Four years later, he met fellow attorney Bob Frank for dinner on Chicago’s North Side. They walked around the area, stopping at shops along the way. Harris was impressed that Frank was friendly with many of the shopkeepers. He had not seen this kind of camaraderie among businessmen since moving to Chicago and wondered if there was a way to channel it, because it reminded him of growing up in Wallingford. 

“The thought persisted that I was experiencing only what had happened to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of others in the great city. ... I was sure that there must be many other young men who had come from farms and small villages to establish themselves in Chicago. ... Why not bring them together? If others were longing for fellowship as I was, something would come of it.”

Harris eventually persuaded several business associates to discuss the idea of forming an organization for local professionals. On 23 February 1905, Harris, Gustavus Loehr, Silvester Schiele, and Hiram Shorey gathered at Loehr’s office in downtown Chicago for what would become known as the first Rotary club meeting.

Shown in the photo are Rotary Foundation Chair Bud Weaver, Susan Simon and club president Rob Latimer (photo by Jonah Triebwasser.)

Our guests this week were New Paltz Rotarians Bob Rich and Pascal Guirma with their friend Jim Ullrich. They spoke about their special project in the village of Guirgho in Burkina Faso, Africa. Their group, Friends of Guirgho’s mission is to partner with rural schools in Burkina Faso, beginning with the village of Guirgho, to maximize the potential of every student by providing access to state-of-the-art educational tools and technology. 

Burkina Faso is a small country in western Africa with one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. It is also a place where people are warm and welcoming, where young people routinely greet their elders with gestures of respect, where Muslims and Christians and indigenous religious and ethnic groups live side-by-side and intermarry — a place teeming with life and possibility. 

​Guirgho is a rural village nestled in the center of Burkina Faso. In Guirgho, the challenge for teachers, as in many rural schools, is the lack of resources. Teachers often have to teach up to 80 children with diverse abilities in a single classroom. Text books, when available at all, are often outdated and insufficient in quantity for all students. The primary teaching tool remains the chalk board, on which teachers must write or draw entire lessons.

Currently, children in Guirgho attend kindergarten to 12th grade without ever seeing or touching a computer. The prospects for children without basic computer skills in today’s global economy are very limited. Friends of Guirgho believes that greater access to technology will result in a larger pool of potential innovators able to meet the challenges facing their families, their communities, their country, and the world.

The centerpiece of Friends of Guirgho’s vision is a computer center that will incorporate space for computer assisted instruction for teachers and students. During non-school hours, adult members of the village may also use the facility to advance their education. Our objective is to help enhance the existing curriculum and see where we can be of support to the teachers and students.

​All of Friends of Guirgho’s efforts will result in a template that can be scaled, replicated, and implemented throughout the country and beyond.  In addition to the computer center, the plan includes:

• Construction of a workshop, with tools and training, to enable students to learn how to repair desks and develop trade skills that can be used for other school and/or village-related projects with, perhaps, income potential; 

• A school garden to help feed the students and grow additional produce that could bring in supplemental income for the school;

• Cotton spinning, which is a traditional but dying craft in the village. Friends of Guirgho can support its revival, thereby generating and stimulating a market for weaving;

• Establishing a preschool to provide young children with essential pre-literacy experiences.

In photo, left to right, are:  Jim Ullrich, Speaker Host Christine Chale,  New Paltz Rotarians Bob Rich and Pascal Guirma

​(photo by Jonah Triebwasser)


PDG Lou Turpin was our guest speaker this week. He spoke on the structure of Rotary above the club level. Lou is shown  with club president Rob Latimer.
(Photos by Carl Dowden and Jonah Triebwasser)
Our Interact Club at Red Hook High School was hard at work Thanksgiving baking pies as a fundraiser for their Shelter Box project. They are on track to purchase their eighth Shelterbox!
(photos by Carl Dowden)
Deborah Barrow, of WAMC public radio was or guest speaker this week. Deborah has had a residence in Red Hook since 1983 and has been a fulltime resident since 2011, when she began fundraising for WAMC. She emphasized the increasing importance of radio, particularly public radio, in disseminating the news. Noting that 1800 newspapers have closed in recent years, she said that WAMC now covers a huge swatch of the area from Mount Kisco to Plattsburg and from Cooperstown to Mid-Massachusetts. Keeping up with new technologies, they also have developed live streams for computer access, podcasts of special interest and numerous other outlets.
In the photo are speaker host Rev. Fred Cartier, Deborah Jones Barrow (WAMC), and Vice President Dave Wright.
(photo by Jonah Triebwasser)
Red Hook Rotary was out in force at the unveiling of a bust of Eleanor Roosevelt at the new pocket park on Woods Road in Tivoli near St. Paul's church. The event was part of a weekend celebration of Mrs. Roosevelt's 135th birthday and the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Universal Human Rights that she was a major force behind.
Left to right are: Rev. Fred Cartier, Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, Susan Ezrati and Linda Greenblatt.
Snow cancellation policy - If the Red Hook Schools are closed, our meeting is canceled. If only delayed, then we will meet at 7:30 a.m. as usual. Call (845) 758- 2241 for school closing or delay information.
Our first guest this week, thanks to speaker host Susan Simon, was Doug Strawinski of Historic Red Hook who led off the meeting with a description of the wonderful changes that have taken place between the Elmendorf Inn and the “new” Cherry Street property. A shed to the CVS side of the property has been removed. Parking has been shifted to the east side of the property and a wonderful new green is installed to the east side of the Inn. Hardscrabble initiated the use of this green with apple bobbing, games and lots of apple pies. The board asked Doug to look into the purchase of small, portable stage that can be broken down and used inside and out for various activities. A suitable stage has been identified: composed of three 4’ by 8’ sections, it expands to 16 by 8 and is constructed of steel with a poly surface that can sustain getting wet. It clips together for stability and comes with a 10-year warranty. Historic Red Hook hopes that Rotary will consider funding a portion of the $1,866 cost as a gift to the community.
We then greeted our additional guests, Chris and Claudine Klose and Susan Goodman Goldstein and Manny Carel. Claudine spoke about how the new “green” at Elmendorf would be used and how the adjacent Cherry St property is being developed as a “story studio”. 120 fourth graders have been through it this fall and had their lunch on the green! Historic Red Hook’s neighbor, KZE is also excited about the new outdoor space. On a question from a Rotarian, Claudine updated us on the progress of the HRH capital campaign. In consequence of a generous offer from the prior owner of the Cherry Street property, HRH now owns the property and has a much reduced mortgage which they anticipate that the capital campaign will enable them to extinguish. So far in the three year capital campaign $100,000 of the needed $160,000 has been pledged.
Susan and Manny were visiting from California where Susan is a Rotarian. She was a member of our club for several years.
(photos by Rev. Fred Cartier)
Our most recent guest speaker was Emily Majer, Deputy Mayor of Tivoli and Red Hook Town Historian extraordinaire. Emily told the story of how little Tivoli was selected as the home of one of the five bronze castings of Eleanor Roosevelt, made to memorialize the 70th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. It is a great story and Tivoli will celebrate the event with an opening reception at Village Hall from 6-8 pm on Friday, October 11, 2019 (the 135th anniversary of Eleanor’s birth), featuring a talk by Jeffrey Urbin, Director for Education at the FDR Presidential Library.
On Saturday, October 12, 2019, a ribbon cutting ceremony at the St Paul Episcopal church graveyard will be hosted by Mssrs Masud Ibn Syedullah (current pastor) and Lindsley (pastor for many years). The ribbon cutting will be followed by lunch Watts de Peyster Hall and a panel discussion by many, including Franceska Macsali-Urbin, the Supervising Ranger at the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site aka Val-Kill and Sally Dwyer McNulty, professor of history at Marist College will speak on young women’s leadership.
On Sunday, October 13th, the celebration will be continued with a service at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.
Photo: Emily Majer, speaker hostess Susan Ezrati and President Rob Latimer. Photo by Rev. Fred Cartier.
Hardscrabble Day was a success! Red Hook Rotarians Christine Chale, Susan Ezrati, Jennifer Van Voorhis and two of our high school Interact youth meet and greet the public to talk about Rotary and Interact service projects.
Our Interact Youth also displayed a Shelterbox and explained to visitors the Shelterbox program.

We were delighted this week to welcome our District Governor Cindi Kish and Assistant Governor Maureen Gates for their official visit.

Left to right, Bud Weaver, Barry Ramage, Linda Greenblatt, Susan Ezrati, Tim Lynch, Susan Simon, Rebecca Kent, Cindy Kish, Carl Dowden, Maureen Gates, Chris Chale, Jen Van Voorhis, Dave Wright, Jonah Triebwasser and Michael Shafer.

Dave Wright, VP, and Rotarian of the Year, Jen Van Voorhis offer club banners to Maureen Gates and Cindy Kish.

(Photos by Fred Cartier)

Red Hook Rotary is thrilled to announce that our 2007 youth exchange student from Germany Fräulein Lena Marie Morchen is now Frau Lena Mörchen-Mescheder. Congratulations to Lena and Lars on their marriage. We wish them many, many years of good health and happiness.
Duda, our exchange student from Brazil, and her host sister, Katie, went with Judge Jonah and Ellen Triebwasser to the New York State Museum in Albany to learn about New York (it is more than Times Square!) After the museum was lunch and shopping at the Crossgates Mall, a true American experience!

Red Hook Rotary Seeks Nominations for Citizen of the Year

The Red Hook Rotary Foundation is seeking nominations from the local community for their Citizen of the Year.  For the past 18 years Rotary has honored a local resident for their contributions to our community.  A candidate will have contributed unselfishly to the betterment of our community, emulating Rotary’s motto “Service above Self”.  

Selection of the honoree will be made by Red Hook Rotary.  Nomination forms are available at Red Hook Town Hall and Red Hook Village Hall.  The form can be downloaded from Red Hook Rotary’s website or Facebook page, or click here: https://clubrunner.blob.core.windows.net/00000002251/en-us/files/homepage/citizen-of-the-year-nomination-form/COTY-nomination-form.pdf.  The deadline for returning a nomination form is September 18, 2019.  Return forms to Red Hook Rotary, PO Box 88, Red Hook, New York 12571-0088, by email cdowden@hvc.rr.com or in person to the Red Hook Town Clerk or Village Clerk.

Rotary Club of Red Hook is part of Rotary International.  Rotary is an international service organization comprised of business and professional leaders working together in a variety of humanitarian, educational and cultural programs to promote World Peace and Understanding.  There are over 1.2 million Rotarians in 35,000 clubs around the world. 

Over 10 years ago, Red Hook Rotarians established The Red Hook Rotary Foundation, a 501 c3 charitable foundation, to provide financial support of programs and projects in and around the Red Hook community.  The main focus of the Foundation is in the areas of education and youth.  The Foundation awards scholarships to high school seniors and supports the Interact Club at Red Hook High School and Rotary’s Youth Exchange Program.

Rotary Club of Red Hook meets every Tuesday morning at Cancun’s Mexican Restaurant, 7483 South Broadway, Red Hook, NY.  The club meeting begins at 7:30 a.m.


A good time was had by all at Red Hook Rotary's Annual Baxter Bash picnic. In addition to our Rotarians, we were delighted to welcome family, friends, our high school Interact club, as well as our new exchange student Duda from Brazil!

Also, Rotarian Jen Van Voorhis (in photo above on right) was named our Rotarian of the Year!

More Baxter's Bash photos available here: https://redhookrotaryclub.org/PhotoAlbums/2019-baxter-s-bash

(photos by Jonah Triebwasser)

We were joined this morning by our new youth exchange student Duda from Brazil. Welcome to Red Hook Duda!

Our club took a tour of Del's Daily Farm and Dutchess Creamery. We had a great time as well as delicious ice cream for breakfast!
Red Hook Rotary was well represented at the Hudson Valley Ribfest, sponsored by the Highland Rotary club. Red Hook volunteers were (shown above) Becca Kent and Judge Jonah Triebwasser. Not shown was Susan Simon. 

Our speaker this 

Our most recent speaker was our own Hon. Jonah Triebwasser. Jonah gave an informative power point presentation regarding the recent Rotary International convention in Hamburg, Germany. He spoke about the plenary sessions and breakout sessions. The House of Friendship contains displays from Rotary Clubs, vendors and Rotary projects. Jonah said the House of Friendship in Hamburg took up two very large ballrooms. It was mentioned at the convention that Rotarians donated a total of 45 million volunteer hours last Rotary year. The Rotary International Convention for 2020 is in Honolulu, Hawaii. Jonah and Ellen are already signed up....will you join them?

We welcomed our Rotary Youth Leadership Award and Scholarship winners to this week's breakfast meeting. The RYLA students told us about their experiences and our scholarship winner told us about her plans for college. Shpwn from left to right are: Adam, Linda Greenblatt, Tessa H., Sophia, Revati and Tessa R.
(photo by Jonah Triebwasser)
Officers of the Red Hook Rotary Club and our high school Interact service club took their oaths of office at this morning's Red Hook Rotary club breakfast at Cancun's Family Mexican Restaurant.
Rotarian Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, Red Hook's Town and Village Justice, administers the oath of office to Interact officers Sophie (co-president) and Angel (secretary). Looking on is adult advisor Rotarian Carl Dowden.
Judge Triebwasser then administered the oaths of office to Red Hook Rotary club Treasurer Tim Lynch, Secretary Susan Ezrati, President-Elect Jennifer Van Voorhis and President Rob Latimer.
While representing our club at the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg Germany, Judge Jonah Triebwasser presented our club pennant to RI President Barry Rassin and President-Elect Mark Daniel Maloney (shown with RadioRotary producer Kathy Kruger.) Jonah also recorded interviews for Radio Rotary which will air in August. For more photos from Hamburg, click on: https://redhookrotaryclub.org/PhotoAlbums/2019-ri-convention-hamburg-germany
While in Germany to attend the Rotary International Convention, Judge Jonah and Ellen Triebwasser had dinner with our 2007 exchange student Fräulein Lena and her fiancée Lars in Munich. Lena is enjoying great success as a teacher and sends her best wishes to all of her American friends and Rotary family!
It was a very eventful meeting at the Red Hook Rotary Club this week!
Mr. Nick Ascienzo (a much-beloved retired math teacher from Red Hook High School) spoke about the good works of the Ascienzo Family Foundation. For more information go to: http://www.ascienzofamilyfoundation.org/
In the photo are: President Barry Ramage, Mr. A. and speaker host Jennifer Van Voorhis.
We then welcomed and heard from two of our Red Hook High School Scholarship recipients.
In the photo are Jake Morrison, scholarship chair Linda Greenblatt, Liz Lowney and President Barry Ramage. Not shown is our third scholarship winner, Tessa Rothwell.
Finally, we were thrilled to welcome back our exchange student from five years ago, Garn. Garn is studying political science in university and has a highly successful modeling career.
Shown in the photo are youth exchange officers David Wright and Christine Chale, Garn and President Barry Ranage. (photos by Jonah Triebwasser.)
Members of the Red Hook Rotary Club were out in force to honor one of their own as the Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, Town and Village Justice of Red Hook, received the Gartland Award for Public Service from the Dutchess County Bar Association at the Law Day Banquet held at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel. The award is named after John (Jack) Gartland Jr., who is recognized as one of Dutchess County's most influential leaders of the 20th century. The Dutchess County Bar Association presents the honor annually to a member whose dedication to making their community a better place exemplifies the legacy of Jack Gartland. Judge Triebwasser was honored for his work with Boy Scouts, Rotary, the local and state bar associations and the local and state magistrates associations.
Shown from left to right are: Red Hook Rotarians Judge Jonah Triebwasser, Linda Greenblatt, Rebecca Kent, Christine Chale, Esq., Susan Ezrati and Pleasant Valley Rotarian Kathy Kruger.
Red Hook Rotary's Apple Blossom Day was an unqualified success with great weather and big crowds!
The McCann Irish Band
The Stringmasters Country Band
The crowd watching the stage performers.
Solas An Lae Dancers
Our Interact students tell visitors about Shelterbox.
Photos taken by Rotarian Rev. Fred Cartier. Pictured here are Josh Bardfield of the Red Hook Library (left, Tim Lynch seated) and Barry Ramage, President RH (center) and Bruce Martin, representing the Red Hook Central School District (far right).

May 7, 2019 was a regular club meeting at Cancun’s in Red Hook from 7:30 to 8:30 am. Fifteen members, 83% of our membership attended. With the school budget and related matters coming up for approval by voters registered in Red Hook, on May 21, 2019, our speakers were Josh Bardfield of the Red Hook Library Board and Bruce Martin, representing the Red Hook Central School District.

Josh explained that budgetary increases for both the Red Hook Library and the Tivoli Libraries would be on the ballot at the May 21 election. The Red Hook Library is requesting a 3.25% increase in their budget line. He noted that Library usage, programming, and wireless usage are up this year. The Library is housed in an historic building that requires constant maintenance and restoration. Finally, the state has increased the minimum wage by 38%, which impacts the Library’s operating budget. The Library has secured more than $53,000 in grants, this year but still needs the increase in tax revenue to maintain its current level of service. He urged the club members to vote in favor of the Library request on May 21.

Bruce Martin presented an outline of changes in the Central School district’s budget. While the current budget is enjoying a brief reduction in its debt levels, revenues also drop by nearly the same amount. The balance of the budgetary year will experience a 2.61% increase, but remain under the tax cap. He noted that the incoming kindergarten class will be a full class size smaller and that those savings will go to resources aimed at meeting increased emotional/social needs. No new programs will be introduced.

Voters can still register at the Mill Road School, during school hours. The election will take place from noon to 9pm also at the Mill Road School. Several initiatives will seek voter approval, including the annual increase in expenditure for buses, two new school board candidates (uncontested), election of this year’s student representative to the Board and an opportunity to place solar panels on the school roof. The later are only cost-effective if combined with State Aid – which should be forthcoming. Bruce also updated the club on the construction of the auditorium. The project will be tight to its budget despite cost-effective, value-engineered plans. State Assemblyman, Kevin Cahill, is seeking to provide $500,000 in state grants to the project and the Red Hook Education Foundation may offer and additional $100,000. This project will be the subject of a special vote on June 18. All additional expenses are tax-cap compliant.

Absentee ballots are available in the District Clerk’s office.

April 30, 2019 was a Fifth Tuesday event at Cancun’s in Red Hook from 5:30 to 7pm. Members were encouraged to bring a guest. There was no formal program, just good conversation, good food, and good company. Photos above of the event taken by Fred Cartier. Fifteen Rotarians attended. Including spouses we were a group of 17!

Our guest speakers this week were Sadie Bloch and Anabel DiMartino – co-presidents of Interact, and Miranda beer, also an officer of the club. The students spoke about their efforts to raise funds for Shelter Boxes. This year they have baked pies and sold them for Thanksgiving, made cookies and candy forValentine’s Day, solicited donations for a raffle from local businesses (over $300!), andserved dinner and waited tables at the Rotary Citizen of the Year dinner. They then spoke of the popularity of the club at school, noting that their events were well attended and that many clubs suffered from conflicts with sports. They brainstormed ways to boost membership and came up with the idea of painting the tables outside the school. They also solicit at new recruits at freshman orientation, by word of mouth,by tapping friends of friends and wear identifying T-shirts. Each speaker then spoke of their post-graduation plans. Two of the students plan to study film and Connecticut College and Wesleyan University respectively, the third student is still finalizing her plans. Barry presented the Interact Club with a Rotary Service Certificate, memorializing 7-years of successful fundraising for Shelter Boxes.


From left to right are Barry Ramage (club President), Linda Greenblatt (Interact sponsor), Anabel DiMartino, Miranda Beer, Sadie Bloch and Carl Dowden (also an Interact sponsor). All three students are officers of the club. (photo by Rev. Fred Cartier)


Our guest speaker was own own Rev. Michael Schafer who extolled the Rotary International magazine that we all receive, noting that it contained excellent articles on what Rotary is achieving in the world. He noted that it is full of retirees taking care of people all over the world. He concluded that the Red Hook Rotary Club was Club members.
Our speaker this week was Franceska Macsali-Urbin, Site Manager for the Franklin D. Roosevelt Home and Museum and Eleanor Roosevelt’s Val-kill national historic sites in Hyde Park. In recognition of Women’s History Month, Franceska’s presentation was “Eleanor Roosevelt: The Evolution of a Woman Activist”. The presentation was very enlightening and
President Barry Ramage presented Franceska Macsali-Urbin with the coveted Red Hook Rotary Club mug. (photo by Rev. Fred Cartier)
Our speaker this week was our own Jennifer VanVoorhis (shown with club president Barry Ramage.) Jen discussed the importance of a “financial physical”. She highlighted the magic of compound interest – using the rule of 72 to illustrate the power of investing to magnify assets. She works for Primerica Financial Services. She noted that compounding works adversely for unpaid debt and that the concept could be applied positively to generating new membership as well!
The public is invited to join the Red Hook Rotary club for breakfast on Tuesday, March 26th from 7:30 to 8:30 AM at Cancun's Restaurant in Red Hook. The speaker will be Franceska Macsali-Urbin, Site Manager at the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Sites. In recognition of Women's History Month her talk will be entitled: "Eleanor Roosevelt: The Development Of A Woman Activist".
RSVP to Dave Wright via text or call at (845) 750-2254. Please respond by Sunday, March 24th; there will be a $10.00 per person charge for breakfast.

Our guest speajker this week was Juliet Harrison who gave us a history of the artist gallery and other exhibits that she has founded and then set free in Red Hook.  Her first endeavor was in Tivoli.  There she set up the Tivoli Artist Coop, with the generosity of Martin Clarke the owner of the building who offered a low rent to help the enterprise get started.  She then spent some time working with the Red Hook Chamber of Commerce – headed at the time by Ed Pruit – promoting writers, theater and Dance.  A little later, she worked with a group of artists to create a can opener at the FireHouse in Red Hook.  CAN is an anagram for Cooperative Artists Network.  These efforts included activities with the schools and identified some special world renowned artists in the community including, Brice Marden, Travis Louis, Lisa Donnelly and author Carol Goodman.  More recently, seeing the large number of unrented buildings in Red Hook’s center (following the Real Estate downturn nationwide) the Red Hook Can group shifted strategies by putting Pop Up Galleries in the unrented spaces, drawing attention to the spaces and in many instances resulting in permanent businesses taking over the space.  She is a real friend to Red Hook. Shown in the photo are club president Barry Ramage, speaker host Susan Ezrati and Juliet Harrison. (photo by Rev. Fred Cartier)

Red Hook Rotary was represented as the RadioRotary team was out in force at Cappola's to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Pleasant Valley Rotary club. Shown left to right are Highland Rotarian Anthony Marmo, RadioRotary business manager; Red Hook Rotarian Jonah Triebwasser, RadioRotary co-host; Ellen Triebwasser, RadioRotary board member; Pleasant Valley Rotarian David Kruger, RadioRotary substitute co-host; Pleasant Valley Rotarian Kathy Kruger, RadioRotary producer; and Millbrook Rotarian Sarah O'Connell Claitor, RadioRotary co-host.
Our guest speaker this week was former Red Hook High School principal  Peter Lawson. Peter showed the club maps of the Red Hook School District and then riveted us with a detailed history of how the consolidated district was created from myriad small districts and how individual properties came to be part of the district.
We were also visited by our former exchange student from Japan, Momona. Momo is here for ten days visiting friends and host families.
Speaker host Dave Wright presented club mugs to Peter and Momo.
(photos by Rev. Fred Cartier)

Our guest speaker this week was David Ives, Professor Emeritus at Quinnepeac University in Connecticut, who gave a truly inspirational talk.
Growing up in Ohio, one of the last to survive polio at age 4, David joined the Peace Corps after obtaining his degree from Ohio State. He experienced the civil war on the Nicaraguan-Costa Rican border and had a child die in his arms due to lack of immediate medical attention. He also worked at Camp Rising Sun in Rhinebeck, and the Albert Schweitzer Institute at Quinnepeac University for 15 years.
He was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2018 and 2019. He will be receiving Rotary International's highest award, along with 99 others around the world, for Service Above Self at the Annual District Convention in April at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA.
(Photo of speaker host Linda Greenblatt and David Ives by Rev. Fred Cartier)
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